Becoming Friends over the Australian Citizenship Test

When people imagine taking a test, they may call to mind images of staying up late at night to study, or they might think about the tenseness and stress that can sometimes accompany the pressure to do well. It’s not that common for anticipatory test takers to imagine that you’ll be meeting others and making friends within the context of a test, but in some special circumstances, such as when completing the Australian citizenship test, making new friends tends to be an easy and intuitive part of preparing and passing. The Australian citizenship test is taken by immigrants with original homes located around the world, and any one group of test takers is bound to have a wide variety of personal stories to tell about their journey to Australia and their hopes for becoming a citizen. With such a set of interesting and powerful backgrounds, it’s only natural that immigrants should be curious about each other, and there are many new friendships that can be forged to help new citizens adapt to life in Australia and grow together as fully-fledged Australians.
The potential for meeting other immigrants through preparing for and taking the Australian citizenship test may be great, but there are also many opportunities for meeting new Australian inhabitants who have a considerable amount of experience working and living in the country, and who can often help newcomers establish themselves within their communities. Meeting native Australians tends to be easy for test-takers as they meet with preparation personnel and travel to various government offices to complete necessary paperwork and other items essential to the process of becoming a citizen. Those involved with test taking and naturalization processes are likely to be friendly and helpful, and immigrants may find life-long friends among some of the first people they meet within the country.
Upon passing the Australian citizenship test, newcomers may wish to participate in the ceremonies held in honor of new citizens, and may also hold small festivities or greeting parties to introduce themselves to neighbors and co-workers and to celebrate their new citizenship. Participating in these events is likely to bridge many people together, allowing for opportunities to make new Australian friends and develop lasting, meaningful relationships with community members.
The Australian citizenship test is an important part of the process of understanding and integrating with Australians themselves, and is likely to help the quest to make new friends easier. Through engaging with others who are seeking Australian citizenship as well as by taking advantage of related services and making an effort to establish oneself within the new community, fresh Aussies can ensure that their new lives down under are full of friendship. Making friends, just like taking tests, may not always seem very easy or even practically possible, but with the warm welcome of Australians and the right attention paid to test preparation, immigrants can ensure a happy start in their new homeland.


  • Monique Fayet August 24, 2010 at 2:08 pm

    I think that making friends in the test instance is a little ridiculous. You have 40 minutes to complete a test and you go home. Ypou don’t meet people there. is not a class room where you spend hours a week preparing for a test that will come at the end of the semester. I think that maybe the oath will be the place to meet people. You are all joined in a celebration that when it is complete you might have some branch or a cup of tea.

  • SamTotoro August 27, 2010 at 9:11 am

    @Monique: I don’t find it that ridiculous as you suggest. Why is it difficult to believe that people would meet each other upon a stressful situation? I think is more than possible.

    I can use myself as an example, I meet a group of people from India and Pakistan that where studying together for the test retake. They even invited me to have dinner with them that night as a celebration.

  • Lee Shenshu August 27, 2010 at 2:06 pm

    I have everything arranged for. Right after my ceremony we will celebrate at my house with a big party!! I guess it is an important date in my history and I don’t want to just go to bed that night!

  • Jamrock August 29, 2010 at 12:27 pm

    Not ridiculous at all. I liked the idea.
    Lee will you invite me?

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