Citizenship Ceremony Dispute, Needs an Act of Faith?

Back in 2008 when the regulations for the citizenship test and ceremony where launched Australia introduced the concept that Holy Bibles and religious books could not be given as an official gift at the ceremony. However this regulation was never enforced until recently. Still the attendants had the right to take their own books and […]

The Difficulties of Immigration in Australia

From warm and sandy beaches to bustling metropolitan cities and remote yet beautiful natural spaces, Australia is associated with a landscape that is as captivating as it is mysterious, yet there is another landscape present in the country which has more to do with the social and the psychological than with the physical world. Immigration […]

The Australian Citizenship Test and Close Calls

The Australian Citizenship Test and Close Calls Whenever a test is being prepared for by an individual or group, there are bound to be occasional close calls and near-accidents that could have led to an unfortunate outcome, but once the suspense has passed, these potentially stressful circumstances tend to dissolve into material suitable for passing […]

How Much Time Should be Devoted to the Australian Citizenship Test?

When planning to study for any sort of test, many people become stressed over the idea of spending long periods of time wrapped up in books or surrounded by studying material. With the fast pace of modern life, not many people have ample stores of time to devote to studying, and setting aside a few […]

Choosing the Perfect Study Aids for the Australian Citizenship Test

Modern methodologies in test taking have come a long way with the advent of today’s technology, and there are several convenient options available for test takers to get an increased understanding of their material in a fraction of the time traditionally devoted to preparation. Taking advantage of these tools is often as simple as visiting […]

How Important is the Australian Citizenship Test?

Tests that cover rigorous academic topics and provide entrance potential to educational institutions are often respected as being of special importance, with many companies devoting their time and effort to the creation of studying materials and programs to help test takers achieve excellent scores. Those who take such exams are also prone to having great […]

Gaining Australian Pride with the National Citizenship Test

Several positive aspects of life are available to those who seek citizenship within their country of residence. In many areas, especially in the developed world, attaining citizenship means that opportunities for work and other life necessities are much greater and easier to navigate, and there are often many other benefits associated with becoming a legal […]

The Likeliest Questions to Appear on the Australian Citizenship Test

At every level of education, most teachers and students alike will probably recall having heard ├▒or asked themselves– whether a given bit of information will be on the test. A classic aggravation to educators, this question reflects a tendency in students to want to be able to condense covered topics into the most important points […]

The Importance of Practice Exams for the Australian Citizenship Test

Nearly everyone has a different conception of how best to prepare for a test, whether it’s a major, life-changing examination for entrance into a particular institution or field or a simple quiz with consequences of a much more lighthearted nature. The Australian citizenship test falls somewhere in between, and there are numerous ideas about how […]

Studying Tips for the Australian Citizenship Test

When approaching any sort of exam, most people are eager to discover the best studying tips and methods in an attempt to get the best possible score. But of course, the best tips aren’t simple focused on covering as much material as possible with as much of a time commitment as possible; rather, the need […]