Experiencing Australia as a True Citizen

Others experience it whenever they stop and take in the beauty of the natural landscape or the impressive facades of a major city. Still others find it in the literary and scientific accomplishments preserved through the ages by their own countrymen. National pride is something that may not initially appear to be essential for enjoyable living in a given place, but it can greatly enhance personal satisfaction with work, social relationships, and other aspects of daily existence. In Australia and throughout the world, it can sometimes be difficult for immigrants to feel a satisfying sense of national pride. For some, Australia merely represents a place to work or to get away for a while, and a strong sense of national pride for one’s previous country of residence remains. For others, however, the hope and opportunity that Australia represents can spark an Aussie pride that may be felt even without a legal status in the country.

Immigrants may feel unsure about applying for citizenship and taking the citizenship test because of the difficulty and hassle sometimes associated with the process, but the wealth of benefits for the individual and for families is often regarded as being well worth the effort. More importantly, being able to experience Australia as a true citizen is a unique experience that simply can’t be had without legal status, or when one is simply a visitor passing through. The process of taking the citizenship test and finalizing a citizenship application is, at least in part, meant to help newcomers learn more about the country and understand how their personal skills, background, and ideas might fit into the national landscape. Test takers and applicants also learn about the history of Australia, the way in which the country is run, various social customs and laws, and other important facts that help create a better picture of the nation as a whole.

Typically, it is the experiences one has in Australia that comprise a feeling of national pride. From visiting the country’s many breathtaking natural monuments to getting to now other Aussies and adding one’s abilities and ideas to the national workforce, experience in Australia is largely responsible for making newcomers feel some degree of appreciation for the land. When this is bolstered by citizenship status, however, Aussies can fully embrace their experiences and take advantage of the many services and social perks available to those with passports and other legal documents.

Scores of visitors travel to Australia each year, and many are captivated by the nation’s beauty and the friendliness of its people. There’s much more waiting beneath the surface for those willing to look, however, and when immigrants make the choice to become citizens, they’re sure to discover all of Australia’s best secrets for themselves as they live, work, and play in a place they can meaningfully call home.


  • Marains Fresc October 17, 2010 at 10:13 am

    Australian people are really something else. Never met such friendly people in my life. The country is just awesome, everything works. You leave something in park bank and the next morning is still there. There is so much security. Its priceless

  • Forgiven October 31, 2010 at 9:20 pm

    I guess every immigrant feels unsure of its new country. Everything is strange, people may not accept you. Is a big challenge.

  • Zulma Tauro November 17, 2010 at 10:02 am

    Australia is like this giant magneto that forces you to love it, to admire its beauty and people. There is ancient magic in Australia. It’s just incredible.

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