Gaining Australian Pride with the National Citizenship Test

muslimaustr200Several positive aspects of life are available to those who seek citizenship within their country of residence. In many areas, especially in the developed world, attaining citizenship means that opportunities for work and other life necessities are much greater and easier to navigate, and there are often many other benefits associated with becoming a legal citizen. In Australia, living and working as a migrant can be challenging for any number of both objective and personal reasons, and many who appreciate the country for its climate,culture, natural beauty, and friendly people make the choice to take the Australian citizenship test and add their names and life stories to the national collective. The practical reasons for seeking Australian citizenship are often more than enough to prompt people to take the test, but there is also a sense of pride that can be gained through the achievement of citizenship and the completion of the process.
Those who hail from other countries, whether near or far to Australia, may feel a bit of sadness at the prospect of changing their citizenship, or may fully embrace the change, depending upon their experiences in their country of origin and how such experiences have shaped their socio-political ideals. In either case, however, taking the time to study the history and culture of Australia is likely to help establish the country as an even more desirable place to call home, and learning the laws and other important facts pertinent to everyday life in the country will bestow test takers with a sense of confidence and ability throughout their Australian experience, making integration easier.
Entering Australia as a foreigner and attempting to begin a new life in the country without citizenship may bring many difficulties to migrants, not the least of which is a sense of being different or less able to take advantage of public services. For this reason, it can be of enormous personal benefit to take the Australian citizenship test, as having a sense of national identity and belonging can have a positive impact on outlook and the drive to succeed, along with aiding in interactions with new employers and friends.
Experiencing pride in one’s country is something that people have fought for and enjoyed for centuries, and has helped to define the modern shape of the human race. Though national identity can be complex for those changing their citizenship, acquiring such citizenship after making the choice to stay permanently in Australia will help migrants take part in this important part of modern life. The pride that is won through successfully completing the Australian citizenship test makes the necessary studying seem like a trivial matter, and those who put their best effort into the process are bound to find a warm welcome to a country that has long been the pride of great numbers of people, whether they began their life stories down under or began their Australian tale later in life.


  • naturelover April 20, 2010 at 7:32 pm

    The ultimate aim of any person would be to live in pride. Living in a country like Australia, for instant is like living a life of heaven down here. Pride cannot be achieved without self-determination and perseverance and to gain the Citizenship of Australia, one has to first understand the benefits of gaining the same at the first place. Living with pride is next to living in heaven.

  • adhityaen May 1, 2010 at 3:54 am

    No one can avoid if given a chance to get Australian Citizenship because of its rich culture mingled with vibrant living condition and natural beauty. Holding Australian Citizenship is living in pride and it’s not only being respected in Australia but across globe.

  • descorpio May 1, 2010 at 7:04 pm

    Nobody can deny that whoever visits Australia even as a tourist will thrive to stay their forever to live a rich and pleasant life. Australia is not only meant for its wealth, but natural beauty intertwined with rich culture and tradition. So, one can live in pride if successfully finished the Australian Citizenship test.

  • antoreen May 10, 2010 at 4:36 am

    Is it clear to you why you are striving for winning citizenship of Australia? Are you passionate for it? The answer should be very clear to you when you take the decision to get Australian citizenship? You may be disappointed if you simply consider that you will earn much money and live with much comfort. The call of Australia, the continent-country of the southern hemisphere with wide varieties of human resources and animals and flora and fauna, should have stirred the flow of your blood and arena of spirit unless which you will never sense the dignity what you must secure after acquiring AUSTRALIAN CITIZENSHIP.

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