How Much Time Should be Devoted to the Australian Citizenship Test?

CB013121When planning to study for any sort of test, many people become stressed over the idea of spending long periods of time wrapped up in books or surrounded by studying material. With the fast pace of modern life, not many people have ample stores of time to devote to studying, and setting aside a few periods for brushing up on facts and getting a solid grasp of the test’s contents may seem impossible in some situations. Though it is not quite as demanding as some other exams, the Australian citizenship test nevertheless requires some degree of studying before it can be approached with full confidence and skill. Many people who anticipate taking this test in order to obtain an Australian passport and enjoy the other perks associated with national citizenship wonder about how much time should be spent studying beforehand, and while the answer is largely dependent upon personal preferences and circumstances, there are some basic guidelines that can be followed to avoid excessive and insufficient studying alike.
Studying for the Australian citizenship test in a structured manner as opposed to working with a mass of unorganized data and only a vague idea of how to proceed is a winning way to make sure that a passing score is obtained. As a part of the planning process for organized study, test takers should consider how familiar they are with the covered topics; some may come from nearby countries or have experience living and working in Australia already, while others may be entirely new and thus need a more firm grasp of the material. Devoting a certain amount of time to reading and reviewing the material provided in the government’s informational booklet, as well as allotting time for taking practice tests and making any special review efforts that may be needed will help time stay managed and reasonable.
One of the most important points to keep in mind when studying for the Australian citizenship test is that the time taken to prepare for the exam should be spread out over the course of several days. This doesn’t by any means imply that full days of studying are needed in order to secure a passing score; rather, spending the handful of hours that can be reasonably devoted to the test in a single sitting or day can detract from memory retention and significantly drain on attention span and interest in the topic, making the quality of studying suffer. Spending half an hour to and hour each day for a few days leading up to the test, with a very brief review on the morning of the test day itself, is a successful strategy for many people, though this may need to be modified a bit to fit personal circumstances.
With the right studying schedule, the Australian citizenship test can be taken and passed with ease and a minimum of the stress typically associated with test taking.


  • naturelover April 17, 2010 at 3:25 am

    Being one of the most developed country from the eastern part of the globe, Australian immigration does have a very strict immigration test for new immigrants. According to Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship’s announcement, immigrant aspirant as to score 75% of marks to get pass from previously held 60%. It further stated that many first time test takers haven’t got qualified. So, it’s best advised to spent considerable amount of time to know the facts exactly before appearing for exam.

  • descorpio April 22, 2010 at 4:14 pm

    It could depend on the real wish to stay put in Australia. As the government is very strict in evaluating the Citizenship test, whoever wants to apply for the same should devote considerable time to know more about Australia than just covering it. It’s not just preparation for the Citizenship test, but lifetime stay in another country.

  • adhityaen April 28, 2010 at 4:18 pm

    Preparing oneself to take this test is similar to taking a board exam. Its all important test to decide upon living in a wonderful country and above all its knowing about the diverse and rich heritage of Australian continent. So devoting much time to preparing for the exam depends upon own wish.

  • antoreen May 10, 2010 at 4:56 am

    Australian citizenship test should not be taken as easy and none should take it casually. The test demands necessary study and devotion at the same time. Questions are framed in such a way that the examinees can realize that this test is not a matter of joke. The test is simultaneously a test of one’s tenacity and commitment which are expected from the incumbents who think for acquiring a different homeland.

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