Life in Australia After the Australian Citizenship Test

Though it may look isolated on a world map, Australia is a highly modern and well-connected country with a great deal to offer those who visit its lands as well as those who decide to make Australia their home. After taking the Australian citizenship test an completing the process of becoming a citizen, new Australians […]

Exploring Personal Identity with the Australian Citizenship Test

Many factors contribute to a personal concept of identity, from one’s name and childhood to education and career choices and well beyond. For many people, an important and central part or their identity rests with their homeland, and the process of immigrating to a new country and becoming a citizen can bring up many questions […]

Does the Australian Way of Life Require Citizenship?

Australia’s attraction for newcomers is bound to vary depending on who is asked. The natural monuments and wide, undeveloped spaces may be a strong draw for some, while others may appreciate the climate or the national culture. Most people who travel to Australia do so because they’re interested in a certain aspect of the country, […]

Australian Citizenship and the Workplace

Being an immigrant in a new land isn’t especially easy. New arrivals face considerable challenges as they attempt to get established and provide form themselves and any family members in tow, and getting used to new customs and practices can be awkward. A particularly difficult issue for many immigrants takes place at work, where newcomers […]

What does Australian Citizenship Mean to Newcomers?

When people enter Australia for the first time, they may be struck by any number of its outstanding features, from the interesting modern lines of its city skylines to the particular slang words and phrases enjoyed by the locals. Many people are positively impressed by the social and political environment of Australia, which has long […]

Overcoming Immigration Issues with Australian Citizenship

Whenever people are in a new place for an extended period of time, certain questions and concerns are bound to come up, most principally among them issues of whether and how to get a job, where and how to meet new people, and how to learn more about their local communities –from finding the best […]

Raising Children as Australian Citizens

In the country of Australia, as in just about anywhere on earth, immigrants face special sets of challenges that may at times be frustrating, but which can also go a long way towards shaping personal success and adding to memorable lifetime experiences. Immigrants may be affected by feelings of loneliness, homesickness, and social exclusion, and […]

Experiencing Australia as a True Citizen

Others experience it whenever they stop and take in the beauty of the natural landscape or the impressive facades of a major city. Still others find it in the literary and scientific accomplishments preserved through the ages by their own countrymen. National pride is something that may not initially appear to be essential for enjoyable […]

Adding to Australian Values with Citizenship

Australia is a land that represents different things to different people; to some, the land down under is a distant and mysterious place punctuated with visions of kangaroos and coral reefs, while to others, the expansive outback and sharply contrasting city skylines stand out. For those who are truly close to Australia, however, there are […]

Does Australian Citizenship End One’s Past?

When people consider the aspects that go into creating who they are, they likely touch upon their profession, their religious or other beliefs, their families, and their dreams for the future. While these elements may seem easily separable, they are bound together by a person’s past. The place from which a person has come, their […]