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Australia Implemented an English Test for All Taxi Drivers

Many immigrants and future citizens are worried by the latest news. Australian Transit bureau implemented a mandatory English language test for all taxi drivers in the country regardless their country of origin. This includes actual Aussies. On the surface there is nothing to worry but what comes next? A language test for residents? All active […]

Exploring Personal Identity with the Australian Citizenship Test

Many factors contribute to a personal concept of identity, from one’s name and childhood to education and career choices and well beyond. For many people, an important and central part or their identity rests with their homeland, and the process of immigrating to a new country and becoming a citizen can bring up many questions […]

Overcoming Immigration Issues with Australian Citizenship

Whenever people are in a new place for an extended period of time, certain questions and concerns are bound to come up, most principally among them issues of whether and how to get a job, where and how to meet new people, and how to learn more about their local communities –from finding the best […]

Raising Children as Australian Citizens

In the country of Australia, as in just about anywhere on earth, immigrants face special sets of challenges that may at times be frustrating, but which can also go a long way towards shaping personal success and adding to memorable lifetime experiences. Immigrants may be affected by feelings of loneliness, homesickness, and social exclusion, and […]

Australia – My Place in the World

I started working when I was only 13 years old. I guess I always wanted to be a grownup. Somehow working seemed more interesting than playing the guitar or riding bike. My father had this friend that was co ownership a restaurant in downtown with two brothers. At some point the business became shady and […]

Becoming Friends over the Australian Citizenship Test

When people imagine taking a test, they may call to mind images of staying up late at night to study, or they might think about the tenseness and stress that can sometimes accompany the pressure to do well. It’s not that common for anticipatory test takers to imagine that you’ll be meeting others and making […]

The Australian Heart

Becoming citizen is a big step for every human being. It reflects the final stage of a very deep change in ones mind and heart. In a way the person that applies to become citizen of any nation is leaving a part of his identity behind. “The start of a new life” some may say. […]