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Australia Implemented an English Test for All Taxi Drivers

Many immigrants and future citizens are worried by the latest news. Australian Transit bureau implemented a mandatory English language test for all taxi drivers in the country regardless their country of origin. This includes actual Aussies. On the surface there is nothing to worry but what comes next? A language test for residents? All active […]

The Australian Citizenship Test and the Multi-National Family

No matter how Australia is examined and probed, it is certain to yield a character of diversity. Whether an investigator looks at the various natural monuments and sites famous for their beauty and impressive history and finds a wealth of different examples of nature’s splendor, or a sociologist considers the many types of jobs and […]

Does the Australian Way of Life Require Citizenship?

Australia’s attraction for newcomers is bound to vary depending on who is asked. The natural monuments and wide, undeveloped spaces may be a strong draw for some, while others may appreciate the climate or the national culture. Most people who travel to Australia do so because they’re interested in a certain aspect of the country, […]

Becoming Friends over the Australian Citizenship Test

When people imagine taking a test, they may call to mind images of staying up late at night to study, or they might think about the tenseness and stress that can sometimes accompany the pressure to do well. It’s not that common for anticipatory test takers to imagine that you’ll be meeting others and making […]