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Australia Implemented an English Test for All Taxi Drivers

Many immigrants and future citizens are worried by the latest news. Australian Transit bureau implemented a mandatory English language test for all taxi drivers in the country regardless their country of origin. This includes actual Aussies. On the surface there is nothing to worry but what comes next? A language test for residents? All active […]

Australian Citizenship and the Workplace

Being an immigrant in a new land isn’t especially easy. New arrivals face considerable challenges as they attempt to get established and provide form themselves and any family members in tow, and getting used to new customs and practices can be awkward. A particularly difficult issue for many immigrants takes place at work, where newcomers […]

How the Australian Citizenship Test can Kick-Start a New Career

The way people spend their lives making a living is something that’s typically dreamed about and imagined early in childhood, as young students are often asked what they’d most like to be when they grow up. There are as many different answers to this classic question as there are personalities and dreams to create them, […]