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The Australian Citizenship Test and the Multi-National Family

No matter how Australia is examined and probed, it is certain to yield a character of diversity. Whether an investigator looks at the various natural monuments and sites famous for their beauty and impressive history and finds a wealth of different examples of nature’s splendor, or a sociologist considers the many types of jobs and […]

Is the Citizenship Test Helpful for the Humanitarian Sector of Australia?

Australia has performed an excellence job by giving refuge to many in this times of crisis. Now the country is leading with a sector that is not well adapted to the Australian reality. Many of our refugees come from a forsaken place, where they have lost the majority of their possession and here most probably […]

Creating a New Family Album with Australian Citizenship

Families are defined by the relationships they involve, by the experiences they gather, and by the way in which people interpret and use these experiences to forge a happy and meaningful life. In any part of the world, the meaning of family is kept especially dear, and people value the opportunity to take a look […]

Life in Australia After the Australian Citizenship Test

Though it may look isolated on a world map, Australia is a highly modern and well-connected country with a great deal to offer those who visit its lands as well as those who decide to make Australia their home. After taking the Australian citizenship test an completing the process of becoming a citizen, new Australians […]

Exploring Personal Identity with the Australian Citizenship Test

Many factors contribute to a personal concept of identity, from one’s name and childhood to education and career choices and well beyond. For many people, an important and central part or their identity rests with their homeland, and the process of immigrating to a new country and becoming a citizen can bring up many questions […]

Review of the Australian Citizenship Test

The Australian citizenship test is a fundamental part of the citizenship aplication in Australia. The whole process starts with the citizenship form. The applicant needs to gather all the paperwork necessary to start the process. Between those documents there need to be copies of the residency paperwork, proof of identity and good character. The DIAC […]

Australian Citizenship Day – September 17th

The 17th September is the celebration of the Australia citizenship. First introduced in 2001 as a holiday for born and by choice Australians all over the world. This day is in memory to those who make Australia a better country every year, their citizens. All over the country will be celebrations and citizenship ceremonies. This […]

Becoming Friends over the Australian Citizenship Test

When people imagine taking a test, they may call to mind images of staying up late at night to study, or they might think about the tenseness and stress that can sometimes accompany the pressure to do well. It’s not that common for anticipatory test takers to imagine that you’ll be meeting others and making […]

Australian Citizenship Test in 5 Easy Steps

The Australian citizenship test is a key element in the citizenship application for Australia. Once the citizenship application has been sent OT the Citizenship and immigration offices it will start the review process. It usually takes around 5 to 8 months for the lodge to be reviewed, after which the applicant will receive a letter […]

The Trials of Holding Dual Australian Citizenship

When citizens of foreign nations want to involve themselves in the affairs of a new country of residence and take advantage of certain social services, the best route is often to seek dual citizenship, yet this status can have challenges of its own. From significantly increased paperwork and other potentially dull processes to personal and […]