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The Indian Students Number Dropped a 30% in Australia

Australian government announced a drop of 30% of the number of Indian Students in Australian educational system comparing to 2010. The Immigration and citizenship center has released a difference of 25.841 student less in Australia holding the students VISA. Right now the country has 59,719 students in universities, why is this happening? This is the […]

Australian Citizenship for Murdered Woman as a Sign of Respect

The past month Australian was witness of on of the most cruel scenarios for the last 10 years. Yanina Gonzalez was found murdered in a disable bathroom of Perth. The event rouse great distress among the Australian Government. Yanina and her family have been living n Australia as permanent residents for te last eight years. […]

Does Australian Citizenship End One’s Past?

When people consider the aspects that go into creating who they are, they likely touch upon their profession, their religious or other beliefs, their families, and their dreams for the future. While these elements may seem easily separable, they are bound together by a person’s past. The place from which a person has come, their […]

Self-Acceptance and Australian Citizenship

In many cases, it’d be ideal to travel to Australia at leisure and fall so completely in love with the country that the quest for Australian citizenship and permanent residence is initiated right away. While this scenario may indeed play out for some people, it is undoubtedly rare, and the majority of those who become […]

Getting Involved through Australian Citizenship

Among the many aspects of daily life that lead to personal satisfaction and well-being, getting involved with one’s local community is an important part of retaining a rewarding lifestyle. Local involvement, whether on a social or a political scale, often depends largely on personal position, as those without a sense of their right to be […]