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The Indian Students Number Dropped a 30% in Australia

Australian government announced a drop of 30% of the number of Indian Students in Australian educational system comparing to 2010. The Immigration and citizenship center has released a difference of 25.841 student less in Australia holding the students VISA. Right now the country has 59,719 students in universities, why is this happening? This is the […]

Overcoming Immigration Issues with Australian Citizenship

Whenever people are in a new place for an extended period of time, certain questions and concerns are bound to come up, most principally among them issues of whether and how to get a job, where and how to meet new people, and how to learn more about their local communities –from finding the best […]

Australia – My Place in the World

I started working when I was only 13 years old. I guess I always wanted to be a grownup. Somehow working seemed more interesting than playing the guitar or riding bike. My father had this friend that was co ownership a restaurant in downtown with two brothers. At some point the business became shady and […]

The Difficulties of Immigration in Australia

From warm and sandy beaches to bustling metropolitan cities and remote yet beautiful natural spaces, Australia is associated with a landscape that is as captivating as it is mysterious, yet there is another landscape present in the country which has more to do with the social and the psychological than with the physical world. Immigration […]

The Finality of the Australian Citizenship Application

Like most major choices in life, the decision to become an Australian citizen isn’t especially easy to make, even when immigrants are enthusiastic about the benefits they can expect to receive for themselves and for their families after the naturalization process. Aside from the many practical aspects of changing one’s citizenship, immigrants are often faced […]