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The Indian Students Number Dropped a 30% in Australia

Australian government announced a drop of 30% of the number of Indian Students in Australian educational system comparing to 2010. The Immigration and citizenship center has released a difference of 25.841 student less in Australia holding the students VISA. Right now the country has 59,719 students in universities, why is this happening? This is the […]

The Australian Citizenship Test and the Multi-National Family

No matter how Australia is examined and probed, it is certain to yield a character of diversity. Whether an investigator looks at the various natural monuments and sites famous for their beauty and impressive history and finds a wealth of different examples of nature’s splendor, or a sociologist considers the many types of jobs and […]

A Duty to Apply for Australian Citizenship?

A land of diverse viewpoints and personal backgrounds, Australia isn’t especially well-known for the uniformity of its decisions, and opinions among the nation’s people are likely to vary greatly on any given subject. The topic of immigration in particular is bound to provoke anger or frustration in some citizens, while others greet the subject with […]

The Australian Heart

Becoming citizen is a big step for every human being. It reflects the final stage of a very deep change in ones mind and heart. In a way the person that applies to become citizen of any nation is leaving a part of his identity behind. “The start of a new life” some may say. […]