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Australian Citizenship Our Common Bond

The Australian citizenship test is based on the resource book Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond from a pool of 200 questions only 20 are selected for each test. But what is the test about? What is relevant or not in the resource book? Not the totality of the resource book is testable material so we […]

Australian Citizenship Test in 5 Easy Steps

The Australian citizenship test is a key element in the citizenship application for Australia. Once the citizenship application has been sent OT the Citizenship and immigration offices it will start the review process. It usually takes around 5 to 8 months for the lodge to be reviewed, after which the applicant will receive a letter […]

The Difficulties of Immigration in Australia

From warm and sandy beaches to bustling metropolitan cities and remote yet beautiful natural spaces, Australia is associated with a landscape that is as captivating as it is mysterious, yet there is another landscape present in the country which has more to do with the social and the psychological than with the physical world. Immigration […]

The Australian Symbols

When a person is becoming an Australian citizen her is a lot of content one needs to absorbed. One of the preferable items an applicant for citizenship learns are the Australian symbols and what they mean. For an immigrant to fully integrate to the Australian society, acquiring knowledge of the Australian national symbols benefits the […]

Overcoming Anxiety about the Australian Citizenship Test

Though the process of becoming a citizen in a new country can comprise one of the most exciting times in a person’s life, it can also sometimes be marked by an extreme anxiety and concern over whether the move will work out, and how one’s new life will function. Taking the Australian citizenship test is […]

The Australian Citizenship Test and Close Calls

The Australian Citizenship Test and Close Calls Whenever a test is being prepared for by an individual or group, there are bound to be occasional close calls and near-accidents that could have led to an unfortunate outcome, but once the suspense has passed, these potentially stressful circumstances tend to dissolve into material suitable for passing […]