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Questions about the Citizenship Test

Do I need to take the test?

If you are planning to request Australian citizenship, in most cases you will need to take the citizenship test first. There are some exceptions.

You don't need to sit the citizenship test if:


Where can I take it?

Please see our home page for the list of test centres.

How do I book my test?

By calling 131 880. You will receive all the relevant information during that call. Remember that you need to be an Australian Permanent Resident.

What will I be asked?

20 multiple choice questions, all based on the manual called "Australian citizenship - Our common bond", First Section (Testable Section).

How long do I have to answer these questions?

45 minutes, which is about 2 minutes per question.

Am I allowed to bring the manual with me?

No, not the manual, no mobile phones, no palm pilots, no dictionaries.

Can I take the test in other languages that English?

No. The test can only be taken in English. It is also meant to check your knowledge of English.

What are the questions about?

Australia in general, its states and territories, cities, flags, holidays, symbols, system of government, as well as duties and privileges of Australian citizenship.

How many questions do I have to answer correctly to pass?

The passmark is 75%, which means that you need to have 15 correct answers to pass.

Are there any mandatory questions?

No. The previous version of the citizenship test did have so-called mandatory questions, meaning that you failed automatically if you answered them wrong - even if all other questions are answered correctly. The revised version, valid from October 19, 2009, does no longer have mandatory questions.

Do I have to pay for the test?

No. The test is free, although you do have to pay for the Naturalization procedure - the entire procedure of obtaining the Australian citizenship.

When will I know if I failed or passed?

Immediately after completing the test. You will be also given a print-out of the result.

If I fail, can I try it again immediately?

Sometimes, but not often. It depends on where you are. Normally the tests would be fully booked for the whole day and you will be required to return at a different date.

Questions about AustralianTest's Training Kits

Which package should I get, Basic or Complete?

If you are confident that you already know a lot about Australia, Basic Kit may be enough for you. It comes with only 10 simulated tests, but it can be sufficient for people with advanced level. Try our Free Test and if you pass, perhaps the Basic Kit is all you need.

How can I buy your Training Kits?

Kits can only be purchased online, using any major credit card. At this time we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, EuroCard and PayPal.  If you don't have a credit card, or prefer not to use a credit card, we also accept payments via Bank Transfer or Bank Deposit (at Commonwealth Bank of Australia). Please send an email to to obtain full details.

How long will I have to wait before I get access to the training?

The access is immediate. The training is web-based, meaning that nothing is sent by regular mail. After purchase, you will instantly receive your access key. Your password will be sent to your email address, and if you provide us with your mobile phone, it will also be sent to your phone as a text message.

How long do I have to complete the training?

As long as you need: access is unlimited in time.

Do I need to download some software? Are there any technical requirements?

No. If you can see this text, you will also be able to use our training. If you do have any technical problems - which happen very rarely - you can contact us and everything be resolved very quickly by our Technical Support team.

What is PDF?

PDF stands for Printable Document Format. It means that if you can use a printer - at home, at work or anywhere else - you can print out the Manual and Practice Questions. This way you can practice without a computer, on paper - all you need is a pen. Both our Kits offer the Manual as well as the Practice Questions in PDF format. To open PDF documents, you need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. Chances are, it is already there. But if it isn't, you can always download it for free here.

Is it safe to make credit card payments online?

We use the most advanced and secure payment processor in the world: PayPal. PayPal has millions of users worldwide, including in Australia. Your credit card information is fully encrypted and safe. We never even see your credit card number, or expiry date. We only receive a notification from PayPal if your card payment has been approved.

I paid, but haven't received any email from you. What now?

First, please check your Junk Mail folder. Second, give it a couple of hours: sometimes, delays can occur - it depends on how busy the credit card system is. Remember that you ALWAYS will receive a receipt from PayPal; if you didn't receive a receipt from PayPal, then either your payment didn't go through, OR you gave PayPal a wrong email address (and we use the same email address to send you your Access Key). Contact us if after two hours you still don't receive any emails or text messages from us.

What is a Simulated Test?

A Simulated Test is an imitation of the real test. It also consists of 20 multiple-choice questions; questions are taken randomly out of a database of questions based on the entire required material. It is timed: you have 45 minutes to answer 20 questions. If you make 5 mistakes or less, you pass.

What is a Completion Certificate and how do I get it?

A Completion Certificate is issued automatically to those who passed at least one Simulated Test. You can download it in PDF format from your Control Panel, and print it out. This Certificate testifies that you took a preparation course for the Australian Citizenship Test.

What is Advanced Result Analysis?

It is a feature of our Complete Training Kit. After each test, you will be shown your right and wrong answers, but also the amount of correct and wrong answers per chapter. This way you can see which chapter contains most of the information that you need to review.

What is Express Training?

Another feature of the Complete Training Kit. We selected only 100 questions that are VERY likely to be asked at the real test. See an example:

There can be several questions about the Australia Day. When does it take place? What is celebrated? What happens on that day? What happens on the eve of the Australia Day? What awards are given on the eve of the Australia Day? Who announces the awards? When? Where does he announce the awards? Is Australia Day a public holiday in all states or are there exceptions? What about the territories - is it a public holiday there too? It is an anniversary of what event? The arrival of the First Fleet happened on which day? Which year? Who was the Commander of the Fleet? What ceremonies take place on the Australia Day? etc, etc, etc.

Our Express Training selects from this variety of questions only those that are MOST likely to be asked. This way you can get ready much faster.

What is Gap Detector?

Gap Detector is a system that shows you exactly to which pages of the manual you should be paying special attention. But first you need to take the full "True or False" test.

I passed my test. How do I stop receiving Daily Tests?

Go to Settings > Daily Test and uncheck the box. If you provided the correct date of your official citizenship test, the Daily Tests will also stop automatically on the date you indicated.

Do you collect any personal information? How do you use it?

Very little. We ask for your name, but you can use a fake one if you prefer. (But that's the name that will appear on your Completion Certificate, if you want to have it). We ask for your country of origin and your place of residence, for statistical purposes. We need your email to send you your access key, and/or your mobile phone number if you prefer to get your access password by a text message. We do not share your personal information with absolutely anyone. We will not send you any spam. In fact, we will not send you any emails at all, except one: we will ask you to evaluate our Program once you're done with the official test. (And that is the reason why we ask for the approximate date of your test, during Registration.)

How can I obtain technical support or any other help?

By contacting us, using this contact page. All support requests MUST come from this page.

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