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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Launches Two Convenient, Effective Study Aids for Australian Citizenship Test

The test preparation firm has begun selling both a basic and complete software package to migrants hoping to simplify their studying to obtain a passing score with a minimum of time and hassle.

Sydney, November 10, 2009  – Facing the demands of the Australian citizenship test as an aspiring resident may be an exciting experience for many migrants, but it can also be an intimidating process with challenges that are difficult to tackle alone. The support of family, friends, and test administrators can go a long way towards making test taking more pleasant and successful, but the need for effective studying is clear. Test takers are able to obtain an informative booklet from the government which contains pertinent information to be covered on the exam, but simply reviewing this material may not yield the best results. For a true sense of confidence and the depth and retention of knowledge to ace the Australian citizenship test, a powerful study aid is needed. Meeting this need for the thousands of migrants who take the exam each year, now offers two study packages to help make the preparation process easier and more enjoyable.
     The company has produced both a basic and a complete version of its easy-to-use software, accessible at home, at the office, or even via mobile phone when the complete version is purchased. Packed with all the information needed to master the test's material, as well as practice exams, special functions to identify strengths and weaknesses, and a completion certificate, the programs can provide a structured, efficient method for learning the important topics and understanding them in a meaningful and useful way. Armed with advanced result analysis, testing history, and even special video testing capabilities, the complete version offers additional options for not only getting a great sense of the material, but enjoying the studying process, as well.
     Both versions allow for instant access, and can help test takers improve their chances of receiving a passing score in just a few hours. With the ability to take simulated tests and review personal achievement, users can gain a strong sense of their likelihood to successfully pass the test, and can increase their preparatory efforts as needed. Comprising a reliable way to ensure that the exam is passed on the first attempt,'s study aid software is a great answer for migrants who are concerned about their ability to remember the legal, historical, and cultural data outlined for the test, as well as those who are worried about the exam's difficulty or who simply want to achieve the best possible chances of passing without having to read over the data multiple times until it can be remembered.
     Using modern techniques to aid in the recall of facts and employing a user-friendly interface to make interacting with the software a breeze for even the newest of computer users, the basic and complete test preparation programs are proving invaluable for test takers who crave better control over their chances of passing while hoping to study with confidence and convenience. Already responsible for helping scores of migrants obtain better results, offers a money-back guarantee in the event of a failed test –an offer that helps vouch for the dependability and excellence of these carefully prepared programs.


Founded in 2006, began its journey with the idea that new Australians should have an affordable and easy way to overcome one of the biggest hurdles to gaining citizenship, an idea which it still retains today.

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